Unique Texture!   Great Taste!   Healthy!

Frappé Bliss shaved ice is specially formulated to deliver a unique texture, light-weight feathered sensation and refreshingly good taste. Normal ice will melt above 0oC. However, Frappé Bliss

shaved ice's unique formula ensures that the shaved ice will not melt or become mushy even at above 0oC. The texture of the shaved ice remains fine and feathery to deliver the best savoring experience.

Frappé Bliss shaved ice is also the definite choice for the health and figure conscious bunch. Low in dairy content and made with all natural flavour and colour, the shaved ice contains no artificial additives, making it one of the healthiest desserts on the market!

Milk Shaved Ice
Indulge yourself with the original Milk Shaved Ice topped off with red beans - a perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Mango Shaved Ice
The refreshing taste of ripe golden mango lingers long in your month. Add fresh strawberries and this becomes a true favourite of everyone!
Peanut Shaved Ice
Peanut Shaved Ice is made from a unique blend of top grade peanut butter and fresh milk. The taste of finely ground peanut combined with the light 'snow flakes' texture makes this dessert just irresistible!
Yogurt Shaved Ice
Challenge your taste bud to the invigorating taste of Yogurt Shaved Ice. It is low in fat and is definitely the choice of dessert for the health and beauty conscious bunch!
Strawberry Shaved Ice
Zesty and very strawberry - add peaches and who can resist our latest creation for all strawberry lovers!