The Investment

Frappé Bliss is in the business of distribution so that more people can enjoy the unique taste and texture of this ice dessert. We seek dealers who currently own or run a food establishment in a

restaurant or food court setting, and who would like to add Frappé Bliss as an offering on their menu. The terms and conditions of becoming a Frappé Bliss dealer are listed in the Dealer Agreement. Some requirements are listed below for reference:

1. Dealers will purchase the Shaved Ice Machine from Frappé Bliss head office.
2. Frappé Bliss' main ingredients - flavoured ice blocks - will be provided by Frappé Bliss head office. Dealers must purchase these flavoured ice blocks from Frappé Bliss head office and from no other sources.
3. Dealers must provide proper storage for the Frappé Bliss ice blocks - these ice blocks must be stored in a freezer at a temperature of at least -27oC. Frappé Bliss head office can provide further information on storage requirements and recommend suitable freezers if requested.

The initial investment to start up a Frappé Bliss dealer operation is approximately $2,000.00 (assuming the dealer has existing proper storage facilities/freezers for storing the ice blocks). Annual gross sales for established dealers are approximately $250,000.00 and may vary depending on the variety of offerings in each dealer's outlet. Projected operational expenses and sales can vary considerably with the management skills of a new dealer, location and other variables. For these reasons, Frappé Bliss does not guarantee that a new dealer will reach these annual sales.

Procedure and Timing to Open a New Dealership

Once a definite interest in the dealership is confirmed and the applicant is satisfied that he or she can meet the financial obligations, a Dealer Application Form must be completed and forwarded to Frappé Bliss' head office. Upon review and approval of the application, the dealer can set up their Frappé Bliss operation at their timetable. Frappé Bliss head office will provide a training session on the operation of the Shaved Ice Machine and the preparation of the Frappé Bliss desserts.

This profile contains all of the necessary introductory information to help you in assessing Frappé Bliss. It does not contain any detailed financial information. Once an application has been submitted, and an applicant has passed the initial qualifying process, a detailed dealer agreement will be released.