The Frappé Bliss Concept

Frappé Bliss was established as a response to the public's growing demand for a unique tasting and delicious ice cream dessert. Originated from Taiwan, our specialty is a shaved ice dessert, specially formulated to deliver a unique texture, light-weight feathered sensation, refreshingly good taste and healthy dessert.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Frappé Bliss is in the business of distribution so that more people can enjoy the unique taste and texture of this ice dessert. Our mission is to provide every customer with the highest quality dessert eating experience through efficient and streamlined distribution operations.

Peanut Shaved Ice is made from a unique blend of top grade peanut butter and fresh milk. The taste of finely grounded peanut combined with the light 'snow flakes' texture makes this dessert just irresistible!
Indulge yourself with the original Milk Shaved Ice topped off with strawberry sauce made from top grade strawberries - a perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Challenge your taste bud to the invigorating taste of Yogurt Shaved Ice. It is low in fat and is definitely the choice of dessert for the health and beauty conscious bunch!